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Nappanee Missionary Church’s Global Impact Team to Visit Haiti

Ronald Klaus

Ronald Klaus, Ethiopia director of Hope in View, Inc., provides local communities with opportunities for spiritual and economic growth. As part of his ministry experience he also served as a pastor at the New Life Community Church and the Word of Life Fellowship. Ronald (Ron) Klaus also participates as a member of the Nappanee Missionary Church.

The Nappanee Missionary Church exists to develop ministries by helping disciples progress through the stages of discipleship. The Church acts through its regional partners such as those in Chicago and Rochester, and globally with partners based in Honduras, Mexico, India, and Africa. In these regions, the Nappanee Missionary Church initiates programs that promote change and growth among its members and disciples.

In 2017 the Nappanee Missionary Church will visit Gromoth, Haiti, through its Global Impact Team. The Global Impact Team is composed of volunteers responsible for providing medical care and project support. For the Haiti mission, the church will set up at least 15 medical personnel and 6 support staff.

The 2017 Global Impact Team will be in Haiti from January 23 to January 30.


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